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Retail marketing

CCTV tells a lot. We analyze CCTV video taped in shopping malls so that we provide shopper's demography, heatmap and moving path in mall for marketing reports.

Our professional staff includes SW engineer, deep learning scientist, computer graphics expert and IT strategist. Leveraging internal capabilities we will deliver innovative and disruptive solutions to our customers.

Cyber security

By analyzing log data based on deep learning technology, we provide monitoring and filtering tools that track the unwanted user's cyber action.


Now smart phone is a personal hub that allows people to connect the world. There are tremendous data traffics in it. Our solution recommends what users probably want at right time and right place based on personal data.

WE train machine to be smarter

Sensing & Analsis

our promise:

We solvE problems 

that are unsolved


Convolution Neural Network and Recurrent Neural Network algorithm play a key role in near-real time object recognition and situation captioning automatically. Our solution will strengthen the legacy surveillance system.